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Cryptocurrency Mobile Application UX and UI Examples and Ideas For Inspiration

Fedir Kiriakov
Fedir Kiriakov
August 18, 2022

The cryptocurrency market has grown significantly over the past few years, with an increasing number of new investors every day. Crypto wallet apps have become one of the most popular ways to manage your digital assets and keep up with current market trends. In February 2022, the crypto market was valued at $1.5 billion, despite being just a decade old.

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about creating your own cryptocurrency mobile application, including various app development approaches and platforms, cryptocurrency mobile app UI/UX examples, and tips and tricks on cryptocurrency mobile app development in general.

What Is Cryptocurrency Application UI/UX Design?

A user interface is what users see on the screen, whereas UX refers to usability — i.e., the end-to-end experience of using an app. If you want to develop an app that works well and makes it easy for users to exchange money, it’s essential to pay attention to UI/UX design.

An app that’s user-friendly and has low transaction fees will find favor with cryptocurrency users, so there’s plenty of incentive for developers to make their apps easy to use and accessible. Make sure you incorporate these UI/UX features to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your app:

Cryptocurrency App Interface Design Tips

  • Use a readable and aesthetically pleasing font.
  • Keep a minimum font size of 17 pt, although your system may recommend one. 
  • Use a good color scheme (see examples down below).
  • Make sure your brand is well-represented through the UI (colors, logo, etc.).
  • Keep text to a minimum and, if possible, replace it with icons that are familiar to users’ understanding.
  • Test the UI on small screens to review and, if necessary, revise.  
  • Use transitions, visual design, and other interactivity features.
  • Check out Graphic Technical Information (guidelines for development teams).
  • Review the platform based on the guidelines for artboards, assets, and other technical specifications.
  • Evaluate arrangements (responsive design).
  • Process images (i.e., optimize images for mobile quality standards).
  • Utilize psychology concepts to generate successful composition results that are most appealing to consumers.
  • Review and analyze platform standards for UI elements, such as components, visuals, bars, icons, buttons, etc.

Cryptocurrency App UX Design Tips

Check the following:

  • Technical specifications and requirements: research and analyze technical documentation, such as manuals, charts, parameters, etc.;
  • Standards for texts, language, style, and format, which will then be part of the content planning process;
  • Navigation (logical and arbitrary navigation and design);
  • User flows: remember that different types of users have different navigation flows;
  • Feature flows: ensure functionality-based navigation flows;
  • Prototyping: create a prototype for scripting, prototyping, usability, and A/B testing;
  • Wireframes for technical, documentation, testing, or development reasons (created using functional wireframes);
  • Platform UX standards: review the platform’s navigation, components, and other features to ensure that they satisfy user expectations;

In mobile apps, the accomplishment of a task is the key focus. According to Medium, tasks are the foundation of apps, and they should be simple, to begin with. Extra functions should not be hidden behind buttons, and navigation should be straightforward and easy, not obscured by icons.

Websites, on the other hand, are used to find, access, and comprehend information. Plus, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, mobile apps are the clear winner because users need to make investment decisions on the go — something that websites are not designed to do. Live market trends are available in the form of charts within apps, which investors can use to trade.

Top Features for Successful Cryptoсurrency Mobile App UI Designs in 2022

Make sure you integrate the following features in your cryptocurrency app: 

1. Signup Flow: Email, Password, Phone

By keeping the signup form simple, you can increase user signups. Only ask users to provide necessary information. If you require additional details, set up another step after the account is created. This way, you will facilitate the registration procedure but gather as much data as you need.

2. Verification: OTP

Since trading involves frequent financial transactions, two-step verification should be a requirement in a cryptocurrency app. Verify the user by sending a one-time password to the user’s phone or email. Keep the form simple, with no unnecessary elements.

3. Security: Fingerprints or Face ID

Biometric logins are becoming increasingly common in bank applications as well as trading apps. If hackers get access to a user’s password, they still won’t be able to get in, thanks to biometrics. Besides, it speeds up the login process, which enhances user satisfaction and retention.

4. Dashboard Screen

A dashboard screen acts as a homepage on a website. It demonstrates all user options for easy navigation. Prioritize icons instead of text, as the former is more visually appealing and fits better on a smaller screen. Don’t overdo with the icons design: it’s best to use non-complicated images that speak volume.

5. Buy and Sell Screens

Naturally, the buy-and-sell features serve the main purpose of a cryptocurrency app. It’s better to offer multiple payment options and make sure the user roadmap is intuitive. If you partner with some reputable payment systems, don’t hesitate to add their logos for a user to easier find a preferred payment method.

6. User Profile Screen

A user profile should be easy-to-find so that users can view their previous investments, recent transactions, balance, revenue, or loss in a matter of seconds. Ensure that users can immediately spot the settings icon to change important details, for example, their banking or personal information.

Top-Performing Cryptocurrency App UX Design Examples

Check out these cryptocurrency mobile app design concepts to get inspiration for your own cryptocurrency app

1. FinTech

Fintech’s use of a dark theme is soothing to the eyes. You’ll also notice a very simple interface. There is no unnecessary information, and everything is well put, making it extremely user-friendly.

2. Crypto Wallet

As opposed to FinTech, Crypto Wallet has chosen a light theme. Yet, simplicity remains the major element, making the app appealing for beginners. You’ll notice the three main screens are the dashboard, buy/sell, and wallet.

3. Crypto App by OutCrowd

You can never go wrong with a light interface. OutCrowd has chosen an uncomplicated color scheme with a bar at the bottom of the screen for navigation. The icons used are pretty straightforward, something that all apps can use for improved UX. Moreover, you can see the use of short text to explain the app’s features to users.

4. CryptoHub

CryptoHub chose to go with a dark theme, something that millennials really prefer. And after all, that’s a major chunk of the target audience. While the UI for this app may not be as simple as the other examples above, it provides detailed, real-time information to give investors a clear picture of what they’re getting into. Such UIs are best if you’re targeting experienced or frequent investors.

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Final Thoughts

There are many different things you should consider when choosing cryptocurrency mobile app user experience and user interface design. Whether you’re building an app as part of your business strategy or simply for fun, you should plan and prepare thoroughly before diving into development.

By making a clear road map for your application with goals in mind, you can create something that does what it needs to do and provides an excellent user experience for all those involved. Follow these tips, get inspired from crypto UI/UX examples to make sure your cryptocurrency application interface design is robust enough to stand up against other apps in a highly competitive market.