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How to Hire a WordPress Developers: 10 Important Rules for 2022

Ruslan Botnar
Ruslan Botnar
February 3, 2022

One of the critical reasons WordPress is chosen as a basis is a quick start. There are many ready-made plug-ins and themes with which you can get a quick result in the form of a working product. Of course, it may not be perfect. But, for most tasks, this is enough.

Naturally, many business owners are wondering how to hire a WordPress developer. The important aspect is the number of WordPress programmers for hire. The quality of their work is usually found out later. But at the start, the fact that there are so many WordPress website programmers for hire beckons. Every second programmer thinks he can make a website or product based on WordPress. But can they really? Well, that’s a separate issue.

That’s where the nuances of hiring a WordPress developer begin. Everything is fine as long as the task is limited to the template or plug-in level. But as soon as you need to do something unique, then slippage begins. For most business owners looking to hire WordPress website developer, this comes as a surprise. The notion is, that if you hire WordPress coder, the rest must be fast and cheap. But it turns out that this notion is flawed. For complex tasks, strong developers are needed, and hiring a WordPress certified developer is a must. Simply logging on a freelance platform is not enough.

Professional tips to hire WordPress programmer for your project

To hire WordPress web developer you would have to consider freelancers who work alone. And lately, they have to wear different hats – negotiating, writing proposals for new projects, working on several or more tasks simultaneously, doing accounting, and personal marketing. It all can take away from the developer’s professional growth. More so, time flies, new technologies appear, and WordPress gets three major updates a year, new tools are being developed that can improve the quality of a WordPress designer for hire work.

To hire the best WordPress developers, businesses should consider design and development agencies, which offer multiple specialists, who pursue continuous professional development. Agencies, like Tino, strive to continuously improve the skills and code quality of our front-end and back-end developers. For example:

  • We form creative and technical teams for people on the team to share experiences help each other, and bring different knowledge and methods to solve a problem. 
  • We provide multiple opportunities for growth, training and other learning options to our teams, thus elevating their understanding and proficiency in the field.
  • Our tech leads follow various sources and spend time learning about innovative technologies, libraries, and tools that can improve our process – we test them first for our internal projects to gain experience and test assumptions.
  • Working with many engineers on the same team helps solve a large group of problems with people who have experience in different areas, and this knowledge is then transferred to the whole group.

What makes a WordPress developer good?

If you consider hiring a WordPress developer, you need to know how to evaluate candidates. This can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have much technical knowledge of your own. However, you can still make an informed decision.

To get tangible results, you have to find a developer who:

To get tangible results, you have to find a developer who:

  1. Charges adequately for a job. In particular, be wary of those at the lowest end of the scale who charge $5 to $15 an hour (or so). But, again, this very likely indicates a lack of experience.
  2. Has a portfolio of previous work. The best thing you can do when screening a potential employee is to look at the past sites they have built. If you can, visit the sites and spend a little time checking if the information is easy to find, if critical features work correctly, and so on.
  3. Has recommendations, reviews, and testimonials. If possible, see if you can contact someone the developer has worked for and ask about their experience.
  4. Has specific experience with WordPress. A broader developer is unlikely to get as much from the platform and may be less familiar with essential features and skills. 
  5. Uses the correct tools. Some developers will create your WordPress theme for you, while others will use page builder plug-ins like Elementor. There is nothing right or wrong here, but you should know precisely what your site will be based on because it will affect how you make changes to it in the future.
  6. Speeds up the site without the use of 100 blasphemous free plug-ins;
  7. Knows how to create sites on WP using child themes. At the same time, he does it right: so that after updating both the theme and the “engine” itself, nothing crashes;
  8. He is not too lazy to check his work and, if necessary, immediately correct everything;
  9. He can say in time that he cannot perform this task. Yes, we live in the real world. We understand that there are practically no specialists who can always do everything. But some take the project seriously and save the client’s time;
  10. Transfers the site to HTTPS while not forgetting to change the paths in the database.

Get more insight on WordPress custom development with expert consultation.

Best Places to Hire WordPress Developers

It is worth immediately clarifying one thing – it is quite possible to create a website on WordPress using only one freelancer. Here’s a shortlist of the most used freelance platforms where to hire WordPress developer:

  1. Upwork
  2. Freelancer
  3. WPhired
  4. WordPress Jobs
  5. Codeable
  6. Toptal

However, many people still choose to hire WordPress programmer from an agency to do this work. This approach is worth considering because this way you have much more chances to get the best solution for your needs.

Benefits of Hiring a WordPress Developer from a web development studio:

  • Less time to learn all the ins and outs of WordPress.
  • The developer will add unique functionality to your site, which is helpful if you need particular features and options.
  • Finally, there is less chance that your site will look like a template, that is, like a carbon copy similar to all other sites.
  • Your team will know how to get the most out of the platform, which means maximizing your site’s performance or security.
  • You will have someone to turn to for help with technical issues, updates, bug fixes, and more.

While all of the above factors are important, budget and complexity are most important. If you’re low on resources, consider working on this yourself. On the other hand, those who want the site to be tailored to their specific needs will benefit from the services of a professional. 

Consider Tino Agency Your Trusted Partner

We create user-friendly WordPress-powered websites. By choosing experienced WordPress developers, you’re getting effective and visually impressive web solutions. Custom WordPress website development services include Business Analysis, UX Design, UI Design, Web-Architecture, and Quality Assurance.  More so we are ready to regularly curate your web-based software progress to keep it efficient, competitive, and compliant with all your evolving business needs. Our professional culture allows us to roll out urgent updates and release new, planned functional modules when the need arises.

Developing a website is an essential step for business expansion. We enhance efficiency and staff productivity. We give you a complete virtual office. We make it easy for you to depend on your digital assets, like custom web applications. It determines how competitive the business will be. Our WordPress-based websites allow your business to demonstrate consistently high rates of incoming client traffic. For many years, the experts of our agency have been actively involved in providing a full range of high-quality services for the creation of responsive web solutions. We customize WordPress templates with technology that meets your business requirements and specifications.


So, these are the key arguments for hiring a WordPress development agency:

Developers from an agency have more skills and experience. When you hire an agency, the successful completion of your project is a result of teamwork. For example, a freelance WordPress developer can be a perfect coder, knowing all ins and outs of this CMS, as well as PHP, HTML, CSS, and so on. However, their analytical or language skills may leave much to be desired. An agency divides responsibilities for different project parts between specialists with the required skills, therefore eliminating any risks of misunderstandings and errors.

Agencies advocate client-oriented time and project management. WordPress agencies managers can always provide an individual and practical approach to each new client. Freelancers, however, may have difficulties with working out strategies for large and complex projects. Agencies prove to be more reliable performers. An agency’s developer has more motivators to perform responsibly (including the money they get for the job done, promotion and career growth, self-development.) Plus, an expert WordPress agency guarantees quality assurance. 


What should I look for when hiring a WordPress developer?

1. Define the goals of your business or project
2. Determine the skills required for the project.
3. Deciding on the project budget.
4. Determine the skills needed for the development team.
If you are looking to hire programmers online, consider hiring a technology partner who will be part of your company for years to come, offering ongoing technical support for your project and making additional changes to your website. 

How do I hire a WordPress developer?

In order for the freelancer to create the necessary website, you will need to purchase the appropriate development tools and other technical equipment. Hiring a freelancer can become overwhelming. On the other hand, hiring a development team has advantages. Easy access, improved coordination, greater participation, full autonomy and control, and cultural flexibility are key factors that are considered to be the benefits of hiring an agency team. The costs involved, as well as the methods to make these things work in favor of outsourcing development, also inspire companies to implement them.

What makes a good WordPress developer?

Get to know the experience and knowledge of the development team. Therefore, you must choose a team of web developers who will be able to manage, maintain and update the website until it is built and released. It makes sense to work on your project with a web development firm that has been around for a long time. It is a smart idea to have a company working with you that has a professional development team to manage your project and complete it in the best possible way. Furthermore, it also ensures that there is no chance of the website being left unfinished or abandoned. When you can communicate directly with the production team, the risk of errors can be greatly reduced. It can also give a clear sense of continuity to the entire project.