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X Reasons to Use Custom CMS for Your Own Business: Benefits and Average Price

Ruslan Botnar
Ruslan Botnar
April 5, 2021

Why does a small business need a website? Oh, we know all the reasons why you might resist creating a website for your business. The most common include “I don’t understand technology,” “it is too expensive,” “I don’t have time,” or the sadly familiar: “I already have a business to manage, and I don’t need a website to take care of.” But, the reality is that you don’t need to be tech-savvy, and creating a professional website for your business can be budgetary and easy. 

No matter how rapidly our world develops, many entrepreneurs, especially in the SMB landscape, are still conservative. Having an offline business, they do not consider it necessary to create an online representation of the company. Today more than ever, customers want to find information about your business on a company website. Most consumers do research online before purchasing, even if they’re going to buy something from a local store.

Until now, approximately 46% of small companies do not have their website. However, 24% of them are ready to order a business card website this or next year. And only 22% of campaigns categorically refuse to have a website. If you don’t have a website, it means that your business is stuck, hiding something, or not interested in finding new clients (which is strange.)

Here is a comprehensive list of excuses not to get a website

Excuse # 1: We don’t need a website. Approximately 20% of small companies say this. Even though it sounds absurd, it is a fact. Don’t bury your head in the sand if you want the business to grow – these numbers are the most compelling arguments!

Counter-argument: check it out … 61% of people research information about a company or service on the Internet before making a purchase decision. However, 46% of private business owners say that “the business does not need it at the moment.” And this is an apparent discrepancy!

Excuse # 2: My business is offline. You believe that your business is not connected to the Internet. You are not alone; 35% of small businesses think they are too small to have a website. And 26% of small businesses believe their customers are offline.

Counter-argument: If your business is indeed not connected to the Internet, this is a great chance! Take advantage of this opportunity, and you will have no competitors on the network. After all, 61% of people search the Internet for information about goods or services. Consider the fact that your website is available 24/7/365, even if you are not there. It will act as your “24/7” manager, both during and outside business hours.

Excuse #3. I have no money for the site. It’s just not serious 🙂 in the end, you can try making it yourself. Any road starts with the first step, so try it now.

Counter-argument: There are many free website builders out there right now. Or you can hire a freelancers and contract developers, they are not a threat to anyone’s budget. Over time, the relatively small investment in building a business website will pay off by attracting new customers and developing your brand. Also, these are legitimate business expenses and tax write-offs.

Excuse #4. I already have enough clients. Chances are, you haven’t met your best customers yet, those who will come back again and again. Remember that 50% of them come from the Internet to the store around the corner. And if they get to you, then 61% will definitely make a purchase.

Counter-argument: what if a pandemic happened again? You can find even more new local customers near you. The website is not only for finding customers around the world – but it is also an essential tool for reaching local customers. Almost half (46%) of all searches are from people looking for something near them.

Excuse #5. Social networks are enough for me. Great, it’s a good channel but not compelling enough. Where is the online sale? Think about what your followers should become buyers. There is never a lot of sales in business!

Counter-argument: If you have a website, you own it, and you control its content and messages. One of the reasons you started your own business is because you don’t have to follow other people’s rules – so why would you just do what the social media platform dictates to you? You have complete control over your image and business reputation on your website!

Benefits of using CMS for your SMB website

According to statistics, 86% of all CMS sites are created free of charge. This is facilitated by a massive number of various themes and plugins, which will be enough to satisfy basic requests regarding the site’s appearance and functionality. But suppose you want to go beyond the generally available template. In that case, you still have to pay for a couple of additional features. The CMS allows you to achieve the main thing – your resource will really be created and able to function, but how exactly it will do this depends on its scale. The simple site works satisfactorily. But complex sites with a large audience will not work stably.

The most famous CMS systems are WordPress, Joomla, Opencarе, Wix, Drupal. These and many other “engines” are the best friends of webmasters, allowing you to get a working web resource in a short time. Thanks to the CMS, there is no need to keep programmers on your staff to spend impressive sums on individual project development. CMS provides ready-made templates that you can customize as you wish.

Five or seven years ago, experienced CMS developers did not take it seriously. It was believed that a reputable company working for the future would not spare money for a good programmer. Today all the disadvantages of working with custom CMS (for example, questions about the server load) have been eliminated by the platform developers. The advantages, however, remain unharmed.

  • Ease of creation and administration. To work with such an engine, you do not need to know the programming language or look for a specialist. You can learn the basics yourself and create your own website in a couple of days. It is just as easy to update the content of the resource, a couple of days of training, and an ordinary employee will easily cope with this task.
  • Final cost. Even if you spend money on a couple of specific plugins, it will still come out several times cheaper than if you ordered an individual project from a developer.
  • Versatility. With the system’s help for creating and managing content, you can create an online store, a business card site, a blog.

The last decade in web development has marked a massive transition to content management systems because CMS has become the best option for starting small and medium businesses. Most content management systems allow an ordinary user, with some help from professional studios, to launch an online project of any scale, improve his site with ready-made plugins and add-ons, publish articles and media content with one click. And all this, even without basic knowledge of HTML!

And now, here are 10 reasons why in 2021, you need one

Remember, cms-infused websites help you convert more leads because most people still do their research and compare you to your competitors on the web. And CMSs were built to help people and businesses to represent themselves and their ideas, products, and service in the most sophisticated way, with the least possible sacrifices. Here is our list of reasons you should consider building a website for your business using a proven, well-balanced, and affordable CMSsystem.

#1. Modern customers expect it

We live in 2021 with its pandemic, self-isolation, and technological miracles. The lives of people are more and more digitalized. Everything has gone online. It has been for years in the making – using the Internet for everything is convenient. In fact, six out of ten customers expect brands to provide online content about their business, product, services, mission, vision, and values in one form or another. More than half of consumers worldwide will go to a brand’s website for product information. And if you want the only reason why a business needs a website, that reason may be enough. Therefore, if your company does not have a website, we recommend that you got one yesterday. If only because today’s customers are used to it.

#2. Your business will gain trust

With the absolute domination of all things digital, the number of people choosing to do business online went from “more and more” straight to “all of the people everywhere.” If you don’t have a website, potential clients will go to your competitors, especially if you have a small business, locally owned and sourced, or a family-type, home-based business without a physical storefront. Having a website for the business will provide information about your company or brand and offer trust. Simply put, having a business website says, “I am here, this is my kind of business, and I am in it for the long run.” 

#3. Your customers can always be aware of your new products

In its simplest form, imagine a business website as an online brochure or catalog that can be updated to ensure the delivery of any type of news about your company. Whether it’s a new product launch or an annual promotion, or a sale, a business website makes it much easier and faster to get your information out to customers so they can stay up to date and receive the latest news by email.

#4. 24/7 access

In this digital world, customers need what can be available 24/7. Of course, you can’t stay connected and answer your customers’ inquiries all day and all night. But your site can handle this quickly and can help. It is available 24/7/365, so your customers can easily access your services and products from anywhere in the world.

#5. Even more clients

In 2020, over 2.4 billion people use the Internet every day, and about 90% of them have purchased or contacted a company online in the last 12 months. So without a business website, you might be missing out on a big piece of the pie. Don’t you still have a website? Then you are missing out on great opportunities by not having a business website or online store that will help attract the attention of an online audience to the search for your products.

#8. The target audience

A business website helps your business to be accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Since more than half of the world uses the Internet today, you can reach a broader audience interested in the products or services you offer. Think of all the people who can’t get into your cosmetics or building services store where you could sell your products.

#6. Communication with customers

Another reason for having a business website is that it provides a medium for communicating with your customers to find out what they want and what they think of your company. Many sites have real-time chat capabilities to communicate with customers, helping them quickly resolve their issues. In addition to this, by having a blog, you can keep customers informed about the latest offers, products, promotions, events, photos, or any other content.

#7. Marketing

The Internet has opened up a whole new perspective on marketing for businesses around the world. Your website on the web can strategically attract new customers and companies that can prove to be of great benefit to your company. Large suppliers also pay attention to a website’s presence since it is crucial for them how their products will be sold.

#8. You don’t need extensive technical skills.

Thanks to WordPress, Winx, Joomla, and many other website-building platforms, you can manage your website effortlessly. These platforms offer online tutorials and community support, allowing almost anyone to gain a basic knowledge of administration. If you need the development of a representative modern resource, then it is better to turn to professionals to get an excellent result as quickly as possible.

#9. You control the creation of your brand.

Well, indeed, you can’t control what others say about your company on social media, but you can influence public perception by creating your own story through a business website. Thus, people can get an idea of ​​your company’s products, mission, vision, and values, without which the development of the company is simply impossible today.

#10. You can beat your closest competitors.

Have you ever wanted to start a business and beat nearby competitors in your niche? Well, if that’s the case, then having a business website with a thoughtful design and strategy can help you do just that. You may not have a chance to build giant skyscrapers or own a shipping company, but your site can help you gain a foothold in your city and break down the high wall between you and nearby competitors.

Have you already understood why you need a website and that it has to be done soon? And now you’re on the verge of choosing a developer for your project? Then don’t waste any more time! Contact our team right now! We offer very affordable and wholly customized options to meet all your business needs and wants. Plus, we are here to help grow your business and expand your online presence.

Don’t wait too long to get in the game! Get a free consultation on how CMS can enrich your customer base and grow your revenue.