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25 Sep 2023
Energy Ogre is a platform that empowers Texas residents to find the best electricity providers and plans that suit their consumption needs.
Energy Ogre
Energy Ogre
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About project

Client and idea

Energy Ogre is a platform that allows Texas-based users to find the best electricity service providers, and manage their contracts and payments, allowing its customers to save up to 40% on electricity bills annually. The company doesn’t have affiliate partnerships with the providers, working in the best user interest exclusively.

Challenge & Goals

Energy Ogre is a specific project representing a new niche for us. The main challenge we faced was diving deep into its unique value proposition. At the same time, our task was to maintain brand identity, saving familiar design and workflows for the users.

Solutions & Result

The customer came to our company with a request to improve the usability of their website, so that it can attract new users and become more convenient to use for mobile devices. To meet this goal, we have analyzed the main competitors, developed more interactive features, improved navigation, simplified the registration process, and added video animations. As a result, the conversion rate grew by 2.4 times, and the number of active users - by 1,75x.

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project Overview

Main app features

Our team of designers and developers combined user-centric design with clear data visualization and created the next features for Energy Ogre.

User’s dashboard

Energy Ogre provides users with a centralized dashboard that offers an at-a-glance view of their electricity plan, billing details, and contract status. This user-friendly interface serves as the command center for managing all aspects of their electricity service.

Payment methods and history

The platform maintains a comprehensive payment history, allowing users to track and review their past transactions conveniently. Energy Ogre also has an auto-payment option.

Notifications center

Energy Ogre's notifications center keeps users up-to-date with timely alerts about contract renewals, billing changes, and other important updates. With this feature, the users stay informed about any changes or better electricity service offers.

Сontracts lists and stats

Energy Ogre assists users in maintaining a detailed record of their electricity contracts. Users can access historical contract information, monitor contract expiration dates, and review statistics related to their savings.

Go Green with EO

Energy Ogre customers can choose from more than 135 electricity providers and more than 2000 service offers. What’s more, the platform encourages them to support sustainable energy practices, so the users can choose to enroll exclusively in renewable plans.



The Energy Ogre website was created according to Agile methodology involving short iterations and frequent sync-ups with the customer. Staying in touch and being flexible were one of the main project management priorities since we had to frequently test and validate our design ideas.
Design process


We got started by researching the niche and analyzing the main competitors. We stayed in close collaboration with the customer following an interactive design approach, and a lot of time was spent on testing our research-based design solutions.
Design process

UX Wireframes

When designing UX wireframes for Energy Ogre, the main task of our team was to re-design and improve them in such a way that the users still feel like using the previous version of the website but with a much better experience. So, we focused on creating clear and intuitive workflows to simplify the confusing electricity consumption management process.

We created clickable wireframes to simulate a prototype that is similar to the end product. We developed and carried out user testing for prototype validation. This helped us to test every hypthesis before proceeding to the development stage.

Design process

UI Design

First thing first, we redesigned the registration process to make it quicker for the users. Next, we improved the existing UI navigation and added interactive elements, like scroll and block animations. We also empowered the website with an electricity cost calculator for better conversions.

Personal and business payments landings

For personal and business payments, we designed separate dashboards so that those customers who use Energy Ogre for both personal and business purposes, can manage their contracts and payment separately.



As for typography, we have chosen Walsheim Pro font which offers a range of weights and styles, providing flexibility in design. Its clean lines and modern design align perfectly with Energy Ogre's commitment to simplicity and transparency.
GT Walsheim Pro


Central to our design palette are the green and white colors, carefully chosen to reflect the values of nature, eco-friendliness, and purity. Their blend visually emphasizes the importance of energy efficiency, renewable resources, and a sustainable future.

Design system

The design system was structured in such a way as to guide users through their energy management journey effortlessly. It emphasizes the clear presentation of information, ensuring that users can quickly grasp important details and make informed decisions, while every step is intuitive and logical.


Through meticulous planning, dedication to user-friendliness, and a harmonious color palette, Energy Ogre's platform evolved into an effective yet intuitive solution for smart and simple energy management. After redesigning the website successfully, Energy Ogre decided to create mobile apps for Android and iOS with our help.