Sparrow Crest Marketplace Platform.

8 Sep 2023
Sparrow Crest enables businesses and institutions to provide student loan offerings to their customers directly within their websites or mobile apps.

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About project

Client and idea

Sparrow Labs, Inc. is a fintech platform that helps students find the best offerings for their education financing. The idea of Sparrow Crest, in turn, was to enable third-party businesses to integrate lender networks and embed loan offerings into their websites or mobile apps.

Challenge & Goals

The main challenge our team faced was finalizing the product before peak demand for student loan services. Since this business is seasonal, we had to work under the pressure of strict timelines and evolving customer needs.

Solutions & Result

We designed a B2B Crest Portal web app that comes as a no-code student loan marketplace builder. It creates a more integrated experience for both borrowers and businesses with its array of features, including lender network integration, analytics tools, and no-code automations.

Camden Ford
Camden Ford
COO, Sparrow Labs Inc
Tino Digital Agency always delivers high-quality design work, demonstrating thoughtfulness and thoroughness. The team works closely with the client, showing a strong work ethic and working hard to deliver as expected. Moreover, they're responsive and communicative and have vast UI/UX expertise.
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project Overview

Platform features

Sparrow Crest B2B platform was created according to the Waterfall development methodology. We have chosen this approach because the main milestones were set during the project planning stage. Still, the platform was iteratively tested, while we maintained frequent communication with the customer to adjust to frequently changing requirements. B2B Crest Portal comes with the next features, empowering businesses to incorporate student loan offerings into their products seamlessly.

Customazible marketplace

With the help of Marketplace Editor, businesses can design and customize their own student loan marketplaces without complex coding.

Members table & filtration

This feature provides users with a comprehensive overview of the student lenders available on the platform and empower them to refine their lender choices based on specific criteria.

Charts creation

Sparrow Crest's no-code builder includes a Chart Creation feature that allows users to generate dynamic visual representations of data related to student loans.

Customizable dashboards

The Dashboard Creation feature enables users to construct comprehensive dashboards that provide an overview of key metrics and analytics related to the student loan marketplace.



The project was created according to the Waterfall development methodology. We created each part piece by piece, testing each of them iteratively and staying in close touch with the customer since the requirements were frequently changing as well.

Design process


The research and planning stage took a significant amount of time since the customer had extensive documentation that our team studied meticulously. Alongside, we devoted significant effort to planning the time to create every design element, ensuring that the project will meet the deadline.

Design process

Our team has created a comprehensive sitemap for the Sparrow Crest platform, staying ultimately focused on clarity, intuitive workflows, and effective user experiences. Every aspect of the sitemap has been carefully considered to ensure that users can navigate the platform with ease, finding exactly what they need without any confusion.
Design process

UI Design

Since Crest Portal is a B2B solution, we decided to focus on a desktop version only. The main challenge with designing it was the large number of interconnected workflows that the team had to keep in mind. Wireframes were created in Figma; the tool also ensured effective collaboration and quick response to customer feedback.

Animated icons

We used Adobe Illustrator for creating icons, and Adobe After Effects for creating animations.

Chart types and states

Crest Portal enables work with complex data structures, and that’s why the lion’s share of our efforts was spent on creating custom visuals and data representations. Most of them were created using HTML/CSS and then animated with GSAP.


Mobile version

Sparrow Crest is a desktop-first platform since this is a B2B solution. Still, the website can be used from mobile devices as well.



As for the typography, we used Basic Circle as a professionally looking, readable, and clear font. Its contemporary look aligns with the tech-forward nature of fintech, while well-designed characters help seamlessly read and quickly understand important data, figures, and texts.
Basier Circle


Blue, violet, and white are the main colors of this project design. From the perspective of color physiology, blue conveys a sense of trust and accountability, violet is a color of wisdom and sophistication, while white stands for transparency and clarity. Together, this blend conveys project values perfectly.
Crest Blue
Dark Night
Neutral Greyт


Our collaboration with Sparrow Labs goes on. We keep improving, supporting, and maintaining their project and regularly get new tasks and mini-projects from them.